Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Battle of Life Poetry

Excellent poetry found in Does God Repent... by Robert Alan Balaicius
"The Battle of Life"
(April 26, 1987)

Life is a paradox of happiness and pain;
In the absence of loss there can be no gain.

If it were not for death, life could not begin;
Redemption not necessary if not for sin.

Birth and death are natural cycles of life;
Without darkness no appreciation of light.

All we lack or have is reasoned from above;
Without rejection we could not truly know love.

Except for poverty there would be no wealth;
If we knew no sickness-no comprehension of health.

Wisdom could not triumph, if ignorance did not abound;
If it were not for silence-no appreciation of sound.

If it were not for strife-no cherish of peace;
If not imprisoned-no joy in release.

If not for work-no need for rest;
If not for the curse-no cause to be blessed.

Despite evil's influence the Master has planned;
An eternal existence between Creator and man.

Swallowed in our blindness, we know only "here" and "now;"
Still, though we see not, we demand, "why?" and "how?"

Almighty Yahweh has planned us in His Will;
Things not meant to know, we demand to know still.

Stop fighting His Order and accept it as best;
Trust in His Word and rest in His Rest.

In His Spirit we're strong, in our flesh more than weak;
We must deny our lusts and then only Him seek.

Though illogic abounds from His Mind we should see;
That what seems to be real may not always be.

Victory is surrounded by defeat in a fight;
But in negation the shadow recognizes the light.

We need hope to bring us full through despair;
And though encircled by apathy continue to care.

Opposing evil and darkness by His Power we dare;
And in all of this remember Yehoshua is there.

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